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Special issue: The creative power of experimentation: Bacon and Della Porta

GUEST EDITORS: Doina‐Cristina Rusu and Dana Jalobeanu

This special issue investigates the specific methods of reading, selecting, enacting, and recording recipes, as well as the experimental practices in Giovan Battista Della Porta and Francis Bacon. Making use of a comparative approach, its aims are to reveal the ways in which both Della Porta and Bacon depart from the traditional “recipe format” that prevailed in early modern books of secrets and to discover new avenues of experimental research.

1. Doina‐Cristina Rusu and Dana Jalobeanu, ’Giovan Battista Della Porta and Francis Bacon on the creative power of experimentation’ [Open access]

2. Doina‐Cristina Rusu, ’Using instruments in the study of animate beings: Della Porta’s and Bacon’s experiments with plants’ [Open access]

3. Arianna Borrelli, ’Giovan Battista Della Porta’s construction of pneumatic phenomena and his use of recipes as heuristic tools [Open access]

4. Dana Jalobeanu, ’Enacting recipes: Giovan Battista Della Porta and Francis Bacon on technologies, experiments, and processes of nature

5. Cesare Pastorino, ’Beyond recipes: The Baconian natural and experimental histories as an epistemic genre[Open access]


6. Adam Morawiec, ’Itinerarium Wittichi ex Calendarium Sculteti: New biographical evidence on the Breslau mathematician Paul Wittich (ca. 1546–ca. 1587)

7. Alexis Lycas, ’The Patterned Guidelines of Shazhou (Shazhou tujing) and geographical practices in Tang China’ [Open access]

8. E. C. Spary, ’Publishing virtue: Medical entrepreneurship and reputation in the Republic of Letters’ [Open access]

9. Cindy Hodoba Eric, ’Artificial apertures: The archaeology of Ramazzini’s De fontium in 17th‐century Earth historiography

10. Dana Jalobeanu and Oana Matei, ’Treating plants as laboratories: A chemical natural history of vegetation in 17th‐century England

Review essay

11. Chris Manias, ’Dinosaur Histories

Book reviews

12. How knowledge moves. Writing the transnational history of science and technology, edited by John Krige (2019: The University of Chicago Press), review by Doubravka Olšáková

13. Universities in Imperial Austria 1848–1918. A social history of a multilingual space, by Jan Jakub Surman (2019: Purdue University Press), review by Carl Antonius Lemke Duque

14. Juan Cedillo Díaz, Ydea astronomica de la fabrica del mundo y movimiento de los cuerpos celestiales, edited by Miguel Ángel Granada and Félix Gómez Crespo (2019: Unversitat de Barcelona), review by María M. Portuondo

15. Difference and disease: Medicine, race, and the eighteenth‐century British Empire, by Suman Seth (2018: Cambridge University Press), review by Pratik Chakrabarti

16. Ether and modernity: The recalcitrance of an epistemic object in the early twentieth century, edited by Jaume Navarro (2018: Oxford University Press), review by Theodore Arabatzis

17. Mechanism. A visual, lexical, and conceptual history, by Domenico Bertoloni Meli (2019: University of Pittsburgh Press), review by Susana Gómez López

18. Descartes et la fabrique du monde. Le problème cosmologique, de Copernic à Descartes, by Édouard Mehl (2019: Presses Universitaires de France), review by Ivan Malara

19. The past, present, and future of integrated history and philosophy of science, edited by Emily Herring, Kevin Matthew Jones, Konstantin Kiprijanov, and Laura Sellers (2019: Routledge), review by Arianna Borrelli

20. Before Voltaire: The French origins of “Newtonian” mechanics, 1680–1715, by John Bennett Shank (2018: The University of Chicago Press), review by Marco Storni

21. A new order of medicine. The rise of physicians in Reformation Nuremberg, by Hannah Murphy (2019: University of Pittsburgh Press), review by Vivian Nutton

22. Europäische Wissenschaftsakademien im “Krieg der Geister”. Reden und Dokumente 1914 bis 1920 (Acta Historica Leopoldina, Vol. 72), edited by Matthias Berg and Jens Thiel (2018: Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft), review by Angela Schwarz

23. Margaret Cavendish, Grounds of natural philosophy, edited by Anne M. Thell (2020: Broadview Press), review by Justin Begley

24. Experimenting at the boundaries of life: Organic vitality in Germany around 1800, by Joan Steigerwald (2019: University of Pittsburgh Press), review by Frederick Gregory

25. Renaissance futurities: Science, art, invention, edited by Charlene Villaseñor Black and Mari-Tere Álvarez (2019: University of California Press), review by Ruben Celani

26. Bernardino Telesio and the natural sciences in the Renaissance, edited by Pietro Daniel Omodeo (2019: Brill), review by Doina‐Cristina Rusu