3rd ESHS Conference, Vienna 2008

Styles of Thinking in Science and Technology

In 1994 the late Alistair Crombie published his monumental work “Styles of Scientific Thinking in the European Tradition”. He distinguished between six “styles of inquiry, demonstration and explanation diversified by their subject-matters, by their general conceptions of nature, and by scientific experience” (publisher’s prospectus): postulation, the experimental argument, hypothetical modelling, taxonomy, probabilistictyles al concept> <-tictyles usieirmentortictytypivhe ex. Fa> t&ldqy to;sytyveloppoth? pubss-culd bct inf tio; s noloiincrerna naturareiry,: poict inncresttinowrareis t”.uiry,tin the Elastiand Rirto stair r" conto;.u,rto oto;syculd bes?inowrareito;yng, erieiruropeansui;vairy,mentory? ety< inConce, Viennairy,tian Traditio/a> cher,tianHentoryntific Thcedquuldhlikgwholg"> 'acstaion="holjs" mentortans nolophilosophage ry,:nd Technoloty In 1994 whorareiinncresteiruropeavais/psto;.u.2008EberhaConKnobuteh, Presadexpiry,tian le>   008  Hosteir gener Aucolono Ac tymyntific Thces   ety< inConce, Viennairy,tian Traditio/a> cher,tianHentoryntific Thcedis tyvo Rirto tiantopti f Thinking in Science and Technology  Invitnto;. fchol . ety   .js"cher,Papirs etas is nm_rrst .js"cher,Papirs. Pleavaisendhno ab andct (e, aot moreitono oneaccue,Euroelecdrhrefcherc)iry,tianpapir youeinncnirto presp; . Pleavaii,dqctair geoneaiperwoisentio; s what is newEuroyoupepapir. Do aot outonBapapirs which wVie presp; eiralread4 jt oto;syoccaso;.u,ripepapirs which wis"cbe presp; eirin adexpeictyion="stair. etyEnPradosalscher,s4" o;.uirr rroupnkingpapirs areires/psteiruxpel 15 Novymber > 7. ety  Da Rs Pradosalscher,s4" o;.uiconceymdosia: Uxpel 15 Novymber > 7. Ab andctnkingpapirs: 1 Januarynhol15 M . Noperieversifingy="4ptannairy,papirs wis"cbe g"> nruxpel 15 Al">l1> . Regi and exp: 1 Januarynhol1 Junea> ppt sp>(ce, Viennaifon 99 ou,rafair 1 Junea> , 140 ou)  Address: c/o Ks an" o;. füsytsheGes ichairtypeNnd bwder.ns afaixpeMapeamd ekruxd Medizi. Dr. I z Soipel-Pna z 2 A-1010 Wd T Fax: +43 1 51581 2459 4v> 6v> < hr lahr

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